Friday, November 26

Evil CatZilla!! (5 Days till BANG!)

5 days left to vote for My Dad the Evil Genius it only takes a few seconds Thanx :D

My Dad the Evil Genius is animated by me and the great b-movie score is composed by Patrick Ytting

Friday, October 8

#Animation Notes

Since early August I've been working as an assistant animator on a short film directed by Corinne Ladeinde who's at the National Film and Television School. I can't upload any of that animation but above is... Hey!! What the hell is that? Maybe at a later date I can post up some images, video and stuff :)

Tuesday, August 3

My Dad the Evil Genius ~ Bang Awards 2010

Bit of shameless self-promotion... Please vote for my evil cartoon My Dad the Evil Genius in the Bang Awards 2010 here It only takes a few seconds to vote and confirm later by email. Thanx :D


UPDATE: My Dad the Evil Genius is also in the Babelgum Animatron Animation Festival. Online voting open until October 10th...

Friday, July 9

Friday, May 28

My Dad the Evil Genius

Evil Genius is finished and online! (YouTube+Vimeo) I animated this cartoon in-between various other animation gigs. It's the story of a young boy called David and his Evil Genius Dad (Ed) who's trying to destroy all the humans with his evil robot army. Patrick Ytting did a fantastic job with the 1950's monster b-movie inspired score, it fits into the cartoons style of raw bloody violence, ailurophobic robots, electrofried monkeys, stupified cats and heart felt emotion.

Hope you like it... You can never have too many evil robots!

Animated & Directed by Benjamin Wigmore
Music Composed & Arranged by Patrick Ytting

Featured on Curious Brain
Featured on Kuriositas


Sunday, May 16

My Dad the Evil Genius ~ Trailer 2

New updated trailer for My Dad the Evil Genius cartoon. Directed & animated by me, music composed & arranged by Patrick Ytting

The score is complete! Patrick has done a terrific job composing music that has exceeded all my expectations. See Patrick at work below...

Tuesday, March 2

Saturday, February 6

Wednesday, January 6

Golobulus 2010

Happy New Year: It's going to be a strange one! Here's a word from Mr Golobulus...