Hippo Returns


Hippo (Book 3) in a series of books that my Dad has written is available now in paperback and digital. I've helped design the cover from a photo my Dad took in Dinard, France of the Alfred Hitchcock statue. Ray Hippolyte is for me a very interesting character, a journalist who solves crimes. A kinda geeky James Bond mixed with Columbo character who's delightfully English but loves France and all things French. My Dad never intended to write a series but I think this one gets better and better with each book.

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Let there be Mock-Ups!

Happy New Year!!! I don't usually put many mock-ups on this site (for the strangest ones head over to GFX Dump ) but I really enjoyed doing these for The John Bishop Show which has started a new series on ITV. The exploits of the Liz Truss Lettuce after her exposure by the Sunday Mirror, including a sex tape, falling drunk out of limos and getting into fights outside nightclubs. Classy!!!