Redberry showcase

The directors at Redberry asked me to edit together clips to make a showreel when pitching to clients. With help from Dan (our talented designer) we created the Redberry Showreel using screen capture and after fx.


Monkeys, Apes, Robots and Branding

Below are some examples of work I produced to help promote Redberry. Some of these animations where used at new media shows, client presentations and as screensavers. It helps to break the ice at a meeting if a naked monkey on a moped drives across your laptop screen now and again!

king kong-flash, originally uploaded by ~High Hopes Productions~.


STP Edit

For STP I edited together a 2 minute film called The Racer's Edge. It showed STP's heritage in the motorsport business that still continues today. I edited together the film using extracts from a BBC documentary. The film was a non-profitable project to be shown at the start of meetings with clients. This was really fun to make but I only had 2 days on it.

Redberry also designed the STP UK site>>

Above are some pictures of clips I didn't have time to use...


Pink Blast Game!

For the Wear it Pink site (Breast Cancer Campaign) we made this game called Pink Blast! This was a real team effort with Kate designing the characters and the background, Me animating the characters, scenery and SPLATS, Dan designed the games menu and title sequence and Liam drank many cups of tea and coded the game.

The "hip hopped" pug dog was a favourite in the office


Doodles for Noodles! ((New Tablet))

I have a new tablet that's a lot better than my old one (it was a mouse)...

Here are some doodles!


i am a vampire




Haemophilia Society Cartoon

Finished the flash cartoon for The Haemophilia Society. Animated by me and produced by Redberry Digital Ltd, this is a really great charity that helps kids and adults with haemophilia.

The educational cartoon is aimed at young kids to show how you get haemophilia and what living with haemophilia is like. The cartoon is showcased on The Haemophilia Society website and also provided in dvd format. Voice Acting by Sounds Visual

Here's the cartoon...

Go FullScreen!

Here's a captured video of the storyboard...