BBC Cycling Titles (Making of)

BBC Sport asked GeeFX Studios to design and produce a title sequence for the new BBC Cycling coverage inspired by the paintings of artist/author Jan Pienkowski.

Working alongside GeeFX's Creative Director, Graham Clarkin, ​I ​designed various ​concept ​visuals to give ​the producers at​ BBC​ Sport​ a ​clear ​idea of ​the type of visuals we could create for cycling with these great paintings as inspiration.

The Producers​ really​ liked the visuals​, and so our next step was ​creating​ an animatic ​to get ​the timings right for each of the transitions. We also needed animation that would easily clarify each cycling event. Velodrome: Mountain: BMX and Road. Here's the animatic in sequence....

BBC Sport ​loved the timings and ​animation ​ideas. I moved onto animate each cyclist while Sean Womersley created wonderful painted backgrounds. I had to create each cyclist silhouette and build them so they could be easily animated and posed in different positions.

Top Left: Mountain     Top Right: BMX      Lower Left: Road      Lower Right: Velodrome

Finally it was a case of compositing everything together using the animatic as a guide and building each scene. A​fter seeing the final animation there was a great reaction from the producers​ at BBC Sport​.