Wednesday, November 28

Batman Risez

batman risez from BenJamin Wigmore on Vimeo.

To celebrate the release of Batman Rises I spent days on this 3D animation... Enjoy!

Monday, November 12


The Graham Norton Show - Series 12 - Terminator Opening from Graham Clarkin - GeeFX® Studios on Vimeo.

For the first episode of the award-winning show's 12th series we created a fun "Terminator" style opening in honour of our guest that week Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Friday, October 5

New office spacce

 First silly picture of me from our new office space. Feels good to be out of the tape room... :)

Photoshop this in After FX

Boris saying goodbye to Olympics

Mo Farah running away from the Essex "lion"

Been photoshopping in after fx and graphics playout on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Wednesday, August 1

Sunday, July 29

Pavarotti was a Goalkeeper!!!

Here's some original pitch stuff for the Big Ask which had the working title "Pavarotti was a Goalkeeper".

First part of the pitch was the animated Pavarotti character playing football on the logo for the show. Later when Alexander Armstrong (Xander) and Dave Lamb were confirmed as the hosts I made a pitch for them as 8-bit superheroes fighting a barrage of evil question marks.

Sunday, July 1

Little Graham

To end the series some Little Graham graphics achieved with are old friend Mr Green Screen!

Tuesday, May 15

Drew Penis on Whiteboard!!!

I like it when the websites make the edit of a show, makes fiddling with the html all worth it.

Tuesday, May 8

GeeFX Studios - Our brand new shiny website!

Here's our brand new website for GeeFX Studios featuring visual fx, live/show graphics, title sequences and animation 2D/3D. Basically all the awesome stuff we make for telly...

Sunday, April 22

Hulking it Up!

Occasionally the cold open for Graham Norton requires a little extra gfx!! This was fun to do...

via GeeFX

Tuesday, April 3

Monday, March 26

Eye Scorching GFX!!!

GeeFX produced the titles and graphics for the larger than life entertainment show Don't Stop Me Now on Sky.

Wednesday, March 21

Hit the Road Jack - Channel 4

New to C4 on Tuesdays at 10pm is Hit the Road Jack (with Jack Whitehall).
Titles, graphics and vfx by GeeFX Studios

Dalek on Bricks

Design Props

Monday, March 19

Thought Bubbles...

Actor/Model Hugh Grant finishes up the 10th series of The Graham Norton Show.

Friday, March 9

Saturday, February 11

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - GN Show

Wondering what we actually do on Graham Norton? Clips + stills and stuff like this...

(via GeeFX)

Monday, February 6