It's ChuckleTime!!!

ChuckleTime Titles from BenJamin Wigmore on Vimeo.
ChuckleTime is a clip show on Channel5 featuring English comedy legends Paul & Barry Chuckle. Various funny clips are mixed in with classic Chuckle Brothers humour. GeeFX Studios Creative Director Graham Clarkin tasked me with making some appropriate wacky titles with a cartoonish/Monty Pyhton feel.

Produced by So Television for Channel 5

Uploaded with kind permission of GeeFX Studios/ SoTV

Addition: I was very sad to hear of the passing of Barry Chuckle on August 5th 2018. The Chuckle Brothers were the first comedy duo I ever saw on TV and they had a great influence on me. They had perfect comedy timing and ChuckleVision was a big favourite of mine when I was younger. I'm thankful that they gave me this brilliant introduction to comedy at such a young age.