Tuesday, September 26

The Pond Life: Cartoon

Follow Otis the dog with his drunken daily thoughts on all things including music, drugs, loneliness and drinking. The Pond Life cartoon with updates everyday. Celebrating his 50th cartoon today!

Tuesday, September 5

Tuesday, June 6

Road to Wembley: The Video Game

Recently I was given a great opportunity to work as an animator with GeeFX Studios on Road to Wembley: A Video Game produced by BBC Sport. The fast paced, energetic mini-doc is a quick look back through various teams' highs and lows on their journey to try and win the FA Cup.

Donkey Kong inspired Level 01

RTW was divided into 6 separate levels each inspired by different video games. The levels were Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, Outrun, Mario and FIFA Soccer. Each level would have characters designed to look like well known footballers who would then recreate scenes from various footballing events.

Donkey Kong Final Designs

Starting out with simple sketches and then turning those sketches into the retro gaming style graphics using Aseprite wasn't an easy task. "Pixel artcan be extremely limiting but after some practice I started to get used to the process and really enjoyed it.

Sonic inspired Level 02
John Motson

Ronnie Radford

Finally it was onto the character designs for the two competing teams' managers, Pep Guardiola (Man City) and Erik ten Hag (Man Utd) which was inspired by anime. This took a while to get right but I was really happy with the way it turned out.

Pep Guardiola

Erik ten Hag

Tuesday, January 10

Hippo Returns


Hippo (Book 3) in a series of books that my Dad has written is available now in paperback and digital. I've helped design the cover from a photo my Dad took in Dinard, France of the Alfred Hitchcock statue. Ray Hippolyte is for me a very interesting character, a journalist who solves crimes. A kinda geeky James Bond mixed with Columbo character who's delightfully English but loves France and all things French. My Dad never intended to write a series but I think this one gets better and better with each book.

Available on Amazon

Sunday, January 1

Let there be Mock-Ups!

Happy New Year!!! I don't usually put many mock-ups on this site (for the strangest ones head over to GFX Dump ) but I really enjoyed doing these for The John Bishop Show which has started a new series on ITV. The exploits of the Liz Truss Lettuce after her exposure by the Sunday Mirror, including a sex tape, falling drunk out of limos and getting into fights outside nightclubs.

Friday, December 16

The Dark Shite

Back in early Summer I published a digital comic called Game Boyz: Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse which featured mini-comics within a main story. The mini-comics were little jokes or parodies of video-games including Doom, Hitman and Fortnite. I had tried to write a Batman and Joker segment but it didn't really fit within the Game Boyz comic so I left it out. But here it is for free. A gift from me to you in this festive time of year. My one year old son helped me with the colouring, I just let him loose on my tablet and he really added some anarchy to those layers.

The Dark Shite can be found on GlobalComix

Friday, October 21

Let Me Be


Recently I designed this cover for my Dads collection of short stories Let Me Be. Here's a description of the book sold on Amazon...

By a cruel twist of fate a cycling accident leaves novelist Stanley Stanhope in a coma just like the main character in his latest book. But the phenomenon of life imitating art ends there. For though Stanley cannot move and has his eyes closed, he hears and sees everything that is going on around him. One night he witnesses two men planning a murder.

Thursday, September 8

Big Breakfast Cartoons

Recently for The Big Breakfast show I was tasked with creating cartoon illustrations of presenters AJ Odudu and Mo Gilligan in the style of the classic children's books by Dr Seuss. Here are the results...

Sunday, July 31


For the last 5 months I've been working on creating graphics for the Netflix series I am a Killer (series 3-4) with GeeFX Studios. Working alongside the directors and producers from Transistor Films to create graphics of documents, images, newspaper clippings and handwritten notes. IAAK series 3 premieres on Netflix end of August in the UK.

Tuesday, June 7

Game Boyz: Welcome to the Effing Zombie Apocalypse

 Four months ago as a joke a started writing a comic (or comix) based on a flash cartoon I made back in 2004. Sixty-nine pages later (I assure you that was an accident) Game Boyz: Welcome to the Effing Zombie Apocalypse is finally here and self published on Amazon and GlobalComix. Along with video-game parodies of Hitman, Doom, Street Fighter and Fortnite the story follows 7 idiot gamers trying to overcome a zombie attack of epic proportions. They do this by going to a comic book convention or comic-con in search of some awesome unguarded "comic loot" and what they find is perhaps the biggest geeky-nerd-nugget a Marvel movie fan could find. Click the link below to grab a copy...

GAME BOYZ: Welcome to the Effing Zombie Apocalypse

Monday, September 13

The Big Breakfast (Channel 4)

Recently I worked on The Big Breakfast (Channel 4) creating graphics and animations. Great to work on this show after 20 years from it being on TV. I grew up watching this show and it was awesome to work on.

Thursday, August 19

New comic: Tweeter and the Monkeyman (Issue 71)

Tweeter and the Monkeyman (Issue 71)

Tweeter and the Monkeyman return in this 30 page comic that will blow your mind!!! The drug fuelled, car chasing, joint smoking, grenade throwing adventure continues with Tweeter and the Monkeyman (Issue 71) on their escape from Lieutenant Burke Souls. Learn more about "Tweet" and "Monks" varied past with flashbacks to reveal what makes these two broken clocks tick! Bad language and violence to follow in this blood splattered comic!

Tweeter and the Monkeyman available now!

Featured on: 

Thursday, July 8

EyeMann Cometh

Our son was born earlier this year during lockdown. There were complications with breathing which meant he had to spend 4 days in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). During this time he was surrounded by wires, tubes and beeping machines. I still remember talking to him over and over telling him to “Fight!” and not to give up. 

Thankfully with the help of the brilliant NHS staff, friends and family we got through it... On leaving the hospital and finally getting him and Mum home I started drawing a series of drawings of very surreal imagery. EyeMann Cometh is the result of those late nights.

Wednesday, April 21

Royal Rebels

People Presents Harry & Meghan: A Royal Rebellion - Animations from GeeFX Studios on Vimeo.

For this two-hour documentary special for People TV and The CW Network examining the events leading up to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s announcement to step down from senior royal duties, we worked with a dedicated team of People reporters in New York & LA and were tasked with creating a punk inspired Title sequence and nine colourful and lively comical animations detailing their captivating love story through to their shocking exit from royal life.

Saturday, January 2

BBC Digital: Green Films (Picture Zero)

BBC Shorts - Net Zero - How We Eat from GeeFX Studios on Vimeo.

Recently I created some animations for Picture Zero and BBC Digital. Three documentary films were produced to highlight the importance of reducing waste, looking after our planet and to make recycling better.