Monday, October 8

Snack Family (T-Shirt Cartoon)

I've created a 1950's style cartoon for the band Snack Family who are about to start there UK tour including dates in London. Head over to Snack Family merchandise website and grab a t-shirt >>>

Tuesday, September 4

It's ChuckleTime!!!

ChuckleTime Titles from BenJamin Wigmore on Vimeo.
ChuckleTime is a clip show on Channel5 featuring English comedy legends Paul & Barry Chuckle. Various funny clips are mixed in with classic Chuckle Brothers humour. GeeFX Studios Creative Director Graham Clarkin tasked me with making some appropriate wacky titles with a cartoonish/Monty Pyhton feel.

Produced by So Television for Channel 5

Uploaded with kind permission of GeeFX Studios/ SoTV

Addition: I was very sad to hear of the passing of Barry Chuckle on August 5th 2018. The Chuckle Brothers were the first comedy duo I ever saw on TV and they had a great influence on me. They had perfect comedy timing and ChuckleVision was a big favourite of mine when I was younger. I'm thankful that they gave me this brilliant introduction to comedy at such a young age.

Friday, June 22

BBC World Cup Titles 2018

BBC World Cup Title Sequence 2018 UHD from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

Very pleased to have worked on the amazing BBC World Cup Titles made by BAFTA winning film maker Rob Whitworth and GeeFX Studios. I looked after the Russian Doll Sequence and the painting in the Saint Basil's Cathedral which required a lot of rotoscoping and photoshop work. The end result is a fantastic eye catching sequence that is very unique.

Monday, April 9

Join the Revolution

Sky One - Revolution - 4K Graphics Package from GeeFX® Studios on Vimeo.

Working closely with Znak & Co we helped develop the show with various concept artwork, and upon commission we created the entire broadcast graphics package, from logo design, t-shirt and banner designs, to on-screen animations, score boards, and a multitude of post graphics. All the graphics we're produced in 4K resolution.

For the last two years GeeFX Studios has been working in development with Znak&Co on a very ambitious television project. Personally this is the longest and most in-depth development of a TV show I have ever been involved in. I ended up doing all kinds of different jobs for production, including costume design, promotional work and website designs.

From initial concept artwork, logo design, titles, on-screen graphics, promo work, costume design and post graphics the show has grown into a mighty 4K monster which reminds me of TV shows like Gladiator and X-Games.

Here are some Concept Design examples:

It takes a huge number of people to produce a show like this. Filmed at Cardington Studios, a massive aircraft hangar, the show's scale is off the charts. Here's a video of presenter Steve-O on set...

Steve-O on the set of Revolution from Znak & Co on Vimeo.

Revolution is on Sky One 6.30 on Sundays.

Tuesday, March 27

GoodBye Thames LONDON STUDIOS: The Graham Norton Show Crew 2007-2018

After working at London Studios for what seems like a lifetime it is sadly closing. I will miss these studios and most of all working with so many freelancers and staff. It was difficult to come up with these few words but photographer Steven Fuller said it better with his great photography of LS than I ever will.

Monday, November 6

Sheridan Smith ITV Special

GeeFX Studios recently worked on the screen graphics for the Sheridan Smith ITV Special. We created visuals alongside directions from ITV Producers, Lighting and the Director Chris Howe. Great project to work on and Sheridan is such a real genuine talent!

Friday, October 6

Thursday, May 4

BBC Sport - Cycling 2017 Title Sequence

BBC Sport - Cycling 2017 - Title Sequence from GeeFX® Studios on Vimeo.
BBC Sport tasked us with creating a new and distinct Title sequence for the BBC's coverage of Cycling. Our senior motion graphics animator Ben Wigmore, designed and lead the production of the sequence which was inspired by the works of artist and author Jan Pienkowski's fascinating children's illustrations.

Creative Services:
Title Sequence Animation, Concept Design, Creative Direction, Compositing
Client: BBC Sport
Producer: David Purchase & Helen Dapre
Creative Director: Graham Clarkin
Design, Animation & Compositing: Ben Wigmore
Background Animation: Sean Womersley

Wednesday, April 26

BBC Cycling Titles (Making of)

BBC Sport asked GeeFX Studios to design and produce a title sequence for the new BBC Cycling coverage inspired by the paintings of artist/author Jan Pienkowski.

Working alongside GeeFX's Creative Director, Graham Clarkin, ​I ​designed various ​concept ​visuals to give ​the producers at​ BBC​ Sport​ a ​clear ​idea of ​the type of visuals we could create for cycling with these great paintings as inspiration.

The Producers​ really​ liked the visuals​, and so our next step was ​creating​ an animatic ​to get ​the timings right for each of the transitions. We also needed animation that would easily clarify each cycling event. Velodrome: Mountain: BMX and Road. Here's the animatic in sequence....

BBC Sport ​loved the timings and ​animation ​ideas. I moved onto animate each cyclist while Sean Womersley created wonderful painted backgrounds. I had to create each cyclist silhouette and build them so they could be easily animated and posed in different positions.

Top Left: Mountain     Top Right: BMX      Lower Left: Road      Lower Right: Velodrome

Finally it was a case of compositing everything together using the animatic as a guide and building each scene. A​fter seeing the final animation there was a great reaction from the producers​ at BBC Sport​.

Tuesday, February 7

Graham Norton Show 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!

Rarely seen footage of the GFX team in this video celebrating 1 million subscribers to The Graham Norton Show Youtube Channel. 1 MILLION!!! Thumbs up!!!