The Dark Shite

Back in early Summer I published a digital comic called Game Boyz: Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse which featured mini-comics within a main story. The mini-comics were little jokes or parodies of video-games including Doom, Hitman and Fortnite. I had tried to write a Batman and Joker segment but it didn't really fit within the Game Boyz comic so I left it out. But here it is for free. A gift from me to you in this festive time of year. My one year old son helped me with the colouring, I just let him loose on my tablet and he really added some anarchy to those layers.

The Dark Shite can be found on GlobalComix


Let Me Be


Recently I designed this cover for my Dads collection of short stories Let Me Be. Here's a description of the book sold on Amazon...

By a cruel twist of fate a cycling accident leaves novelist Stanley Stanhope in a coma just like the main character in his latest book. But the phenomenon of life imitating art ends there. For though Stanley cannot move and has his eyes closed, he hears and sees everything that is going on around him. One night he witnesses two men planning a murder.


Big Breakfast Cartoons

Recently for The Big Breakfast show I was tasked with creating cartoon illustrations of presenters AJ Odudu and Mo Gilligan in the style of the classic children's books by Dr Seuss. Here are the results...



For the last 5 months I've been working on creating graphics for the Netflix series I am a Killer (series 3-4) with GeeFX Studios. Working alongside the directors and producers from Transistor Films to create graphics of documents, images, newspaper clippings and handwritten notes. IAAK series 3 premieres on Netflix end of August in the UK.


Game Boyz: Welcome to the Effing Zombie Apocalypse

 Four months ago as a joke a started writing a comic (or comix) based on a flash cartoon I made back in 2004. Sixty-nine pages later (I assure you that was an accident) Game Boyz: Welcome to the Effing Zombie Apocalypse is finally here and self published on Amazon and GlobalComix. Along with video-game parodies of Hitman, Doom, Street Fighter and Fortnite the story follows 7 idiot gamers trying to overcome a zombie attack of epic proportions. They do this by going to a comic book convention or comic-con in search of some awesome unguarded "comic loot" and what they find is perhaps the biggest geeky-nerd-nugget a Marvel movie fan could find. Click the link below to grab a copy...

GAME BOYZ: Welcome to the Effing Zombie Apocalypse