Join the Revolution

Sky One - Revolution - 4K Graphics Package from GeeFX® Studios on Vimeo.

Working closely with Znak & Co we helped develop the show with various concept artwork, and upon commission we created the entire broadcast graphics package, from logo design, t-shirt and banner designs, to on-screen animations, score boards, and a multitude of post graphics. All the graphics we're produced in 4K resolution.

For the last two years GeeFX Studios has been working in development with Znak&Co on a very ambitious television project. Personally this is the longest and most in-depth development of a TV show I have ever been involved in. I ended up doing all kinds of different jobs for production, including costume design, promotional work and website designs.

From initial concept artwork, logo design, titles, on-screen graphics, promo work, costume design and post graphics the show has grown into a mighty 4K monster which reminds me of TV shows like Gladiator and X-Games.

Here are some Concept Design examples:

It takes a huge number of people to produce a show like this. Filmed at Cardington Studios, a massive aircraft hangar, the show's scale is off the charts. Here's a video of presenter Steve-O on set...

Steve-O on the set of Revolution from Znak & Co on Vimeo.

Revolution is on Sky One 6.30 on Sundays.