The Boat that Rocked

Redberry designed this site for the new Richard Curtis movie called The Boat That Rocked produced by Working Title. It's a family comedy about pirate radio stations in the 1960's. My biggest contribution was the Dancing Buddies available on download via the AIR app. The app will allow the characters to literally dance on your desktop to music from the movie.

Using the illustrations by Kate I first saved out all the pngs in photoshop then pulled them into flash. I then built the rig for the character and and created the animations of them dancing. After that I took the swfs into after effects and exported movie files for Liam (code monkey genius) to code into the AIR app. The whole thing took about 4 weeks to do and it was really cool to be animating for Working Title and Universal Pictures.

This is a sample of the demo I put together for Working Title of
Bill Nighy doing a funky dance! :)