Monday, April 27

Mission To Seafarers Cartoon

Billy the Boat

Completed 5 minute flash cartoon for a charity called Mission to Seafarers. The charity helps support seafarers who bring food and other goods to our shores. MTS wanted a educational cartoon for kids to show who seafarers are and what they do. Here's the cartoon...

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Penny Pineapple and the fruit salads

The Family

Mollie the Cat

MTS supplied a script (a story of Billy the Boat going with Mollie the cat to the caribbean to get the fruit for the families meal) and I got on with designing the characters, producing a storyboard and final production of the cartoon. The whole thing took about 3 weeks to produce from start to finish and was delivered in dvd format.

Billy in a storm

Seafarers working hard

Mollie the Cat

Telephone conversation

Fruit on the carribean island

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Produced by Redberry and Voice Acting by Sounds Visual